Ken Block Snow Drifts His New Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Ken Block Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Ken Block Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Here is the first run Ken Block has ever made in his new Ford Fiesta Rally Car, preparing for the Sno*Drift Rally America Series. Monster released this snow drift video run yesterday when Ken Block was prepping, and the competition starts today. Check out this two and half minute video of Block packing down the icy roads of Gladwin, MI. He hits triple digits in the Ford Fiesta, topping out the six speed transmission on one very long straight away, and drifts around the trees with ease, which is what he’s known for. More information covering the rally race can be found at Rally America. Hit the jump to see the inaugural video run.


[Source: autoblog]

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2 Responses to “Ken Block Snow Drifts His New Ford Fiesta Rally Car”

  1. Tronxo (Henry) says:

    This guy has no idea what is going to run rallies and always asking the usual FUD yankiee blown away.

    The way you drive and always well bores that if drift, and if jumping absurdities can make any coaching from the other assemblies that are more than ready.

    World Rally Championship is the real driver and what Ken Block does not.
    We are tired of losing their videos and other sensational productions bore us.

    Henry from Spain.

  2. risvi says:

    so simple………….

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