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The guys from ATT Autotechnik have taken the BMW M3 which is one of their favorite sports cars, and released a new tuning kit to increase the performance. For years the BMW M3 has been a track icon, without a doubt being the most powerful model of the BMW 3-series. ATT Autotechnik decided that it could use an extra boost under the hood, so they aimed to reach a pleasing 500 horsepower. With the addition of a built turbo compressor and ECU tuning, the BMW M3 convertible was able to reach 345 hp on the dyno. ATT dubbed it the “Thunderstorm” while improving the cars exterior styling as well.

Fitted in the four corners are ATT-Tec LeMans 20-inch alloy rims measuring 20×8.5 in the front, and 20×10 in the rear. They come wrapped Michelin Pilot Sport 2 high performance tires sized 245/30/ZR20, and 285/25/ZR20 respectively. The wheel base was extended with 20 mm spacers on all four wheels which are priced at 393 euro, and 3,475 euro for the complete wheel package. Underneath is a custom exhaust system with two sound variations and four 90 mm exhaust pipes. To improve the handling and stability, ATT hooked up the BMW M3 with a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit. Inside the tuners offer a customized interior with carbon fiber throughout, and even the addition of Swarovski crystals if the customer desires.




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2 Responses to “ATT Autotechnik BMW M3”

  1. Carz says:

    ATT Autotechnik overdid themselves with this BMW M3…it looks amazing! What they did with this car is interesting…I’d love to test drive one…

    This BMW is so cool!

  2. turnhard says:

    Front-end alignment. Check wheel alignment with triple clamps. If out of alignment, fork geometry will be incorrect and steering will suffer.

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