ONYX Range Rover Vogue

ONYX Range Rover Voque Platinum V

ONYX Range Rover Voque Platinum V

ONYX Cars have released their initial renderings of the Platinum V tuning kit available for the Range Rover Vogue. The Range Rover received an all new body kit made of carbon fiber and consists of several pieces. Included in the package is a custom grille, redesigned rear bumper, and rear diffuser. LED daytime running lights were placed in the front bumper, and underneath the Range Rover Vogue is a dual exhaust system below the diffuser. Separating this Range Rover from the crowd are the 22 inch forged bespoke TPM1 MATT alloy wheels.

Inside the Range Rover Vogue, ONYX enhanced the visual appeal by adding carbon fiber accents throughout. The great craftsmanship by the Irish tuning firm is second to none, however performance stats for the luxury SUV is still unavailable.

ONYX Range Rover Voque Platinum VONYX Range Rover Voque Platinum VONYX Range Rover Voque Platinum V

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4 Responses to “ONYX Range Rover Vogue”

  1. Carz says:

    This Range Rover looks very menacing and tough. Onyx Cars did a great job with this car, it looks great.

  2. Morgan Kelps says:

    Wow, that is a solid looking rover, bet it is light as hell. All you need is the Autobiography package on the inside and you are MONEY!

  3. Riahard Hardy says:

    That makes the range rover look cheap . Too over the top . A budget football player would drive that. Arder or Revere would look better

  4. lewis Anthony says:

    you can buy onyx range rover sports and vogue at http://www.lewisanthony.net in the uk for delivery march 2010

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