APP Nissan 370Z

APP Europe Nissan 370Z

APP Europe Nissan 370Z

Based out of Landsberg, the tuning specialists at Advanced Performance Parts (APP) have chosen the Nissan 370Z for improvements. The guys at APP Europe are true Japanese car lovers and have previously modified the Nissan 350Z and GT-R models. The white Nissan received striking three-piece 20 inch Oxigin Lexor wheels in black in white, wrapped in 245/30/20 tires in the front, and 275/30/20 in the rear. Underneath the 370Z is a MR Car Design stainless steel exhaust delivering the proper sound. For the sporty look they installed a KW option 3 coilover kit that lowers the car 30 mm and improves the driving experience.

Slowing down the Nissan 370z from APP is a Stoptech high performance brake kit. It comes with 6 piston calipers in the front wrapped around 380×32 mm brake discs. Four piston calipers were included in the rear, and come with 355×32 mm brake discs. This mild customization package from APP has not had any performance numbers or prices released at this time.

APP Europe Nissan 370ZAPP Europe Nissan 370ZAPP Europe Nissan 370Z

APP Europe Nissan 370ZAPP Europe Nissan 370Z

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2 Responses to “APP Nissan 370Z”

  1. Carz says:

    Nissan 370Z looks incredible. APP created a very irresistible car…It looks great. White looks very attractive on this Nissan model. Great job tuners!

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