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Since 2001, Vivid Racing has been a premier car tuning company located in Arizona. They have continually made statements and turned heads when it comes to the tuning industry. Starting with nothing in hand, to building a multi-million dollar company, the founders Dan Mermelstein and Rob Rohn have turned Vivid Racing into one of the most recognized brands in the aftermarket tuning industry. They have been featured in several magazines about their business and cars, some including DUB magazine, Performance Business, and Entrepreneur. Both Rob and Dan have competed in many auto events and shows. A few to name are the Gumball 3000 events, Bullrun Rally, and they have been on the “Import Racer” TV show featured on ESPN 2. Several demo cars the tuning firm built include cars for Pepsi, Mazda and Cusco, and Subaru.

Vivid Racing has established their name as a household item in the automotive tuning industry, and we will keep everyone updated with their latest work. Striving to be there for their number 1 priority, Vivid Racing customers are first on the list. Recently they have announced the coming of the DC Racing Shoes ProSpec 2.0, which are the re-tuned model of the first DC racing shoe. The shoes are now available for pre-orders, and expected to be ready for February 2010 delivery.


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