MUGEN Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R MUGEN

Honda Civic Type R MUGEN

The Honda Civic Type R by MUGEN has been confirmed for production, since so many enthusiasts were interested in the concept that was released in the United Kingdom. It is planned to be the fastest front wheel drive car in the world that is naturally aspirated. The Honda Civic Type R which is powered by the 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine, has been boosted by MUGEN to 240 ps. It was accomplished by replacing the stock pistons with aftermarket parts that increased the compression ratio. Tuning the ECU for the Type R and installing a stainless steel exhaust system along with a MUGEN airbox and filter also added to the performance increase.

A limited slip differential was installed in the front to maintain the extra engine power as well as suspension improvements. Custom made springs and dampers grant better handling, while bespoke four-piston racing calipers bring it to a stop. The wheels MUGEN hooked up on the Honda Civic Type R weigh just 7.85 kg each, which definitely helps it achieve the world’s fastest front wheel drive car. MUGEN offers a seperate package called the “Track Pack” to go along with the initial tuning and improvements. The package includes Recaro seats, removal of the rear seats for weight reduction, gauges in the interior, data recording equipment, and better tires for the track. MUGEN Euro has announced the Honda Civic Type R at an official price of £38,599.

Honda Civic Type R MUGENHonda Civic Type R MUGEN

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2 Responses to “MUGEN Honda Civic Type R”

  1. RuBB says:

    Gorgeous car. Ideal hatch, if you do not pay attention to the exclusivity and high cost. Behavior on the track just impressive:

  2. Thomas says:

    The mugen Civic type-r is soo cool! How come we dont get this in the US! I hate that….well at least we got the Mugen Civic Si.

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