Mansory Bentley Continental GT Speed Vitesse Rose



At first I thought this Bentley Continental GT Speed was a joke, however, Mansory has named it the Vitesse Rose and added it to their car tuning showcase. Luckily this Vitesse Rose by Mansory will be a very limited edition of only three cars. Lets hope the owners keep it in their garage just for looks, because if a guy is driving this, he’s got some problems. Mansory tuning installed a complete aerodynamic body kit for the Bentley Continental GT Speed. The new tuning kit includes a front and rear apron, carbon fiber hood, and a new carbon fiber rear lip.

Atleast the wheels aren’t pink, and they do come wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx GT high performance tires which is a plus. The interior has had the complete girl make over with high quality materials.  I wouldn’t even ride around in this if my wife bought it, just check out all these pictures and be astounded that anyone would blow 269,000 euro on this. Mansory will showcase the new Bentley Continental GT Speed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show next week.






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