Hennessey VENOM GT



At the upcoming 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Hennessey Performance will reveal their VENOM GT supercar that holds a twin-turbocharged Corvette ZR1-LS9 engine. The special car tuning performed by Hennessey will give the VENOM GT up to 1,200 bhp with a curb weight just under 2,400 lbs. These are amazing numbers, and you rarely hear of cars that boast a power-to-weight ratio of less than 2.5 to 1. Hennessey Performance based the VENOM GT of the Lotus Exige S chassis, however you can see it has been highly modified. The price for the vehicle including all tuning performed by Hennessey is $600,000 USD, and HPE reported that three orders have already been placed on this limited model.


[Source: automobilesreview]

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One Response to “Hennessey VENOM GT”

  1. The thing is, it is not horsepower that only matters. It is also how well the car is engineered for it to shatter records. I don’t think this car has what it takes to beat the Veyron

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