ART AS55K Yaas Edition Mercedes G55 AMG



The Mercedes G55 AMG has been highly modified by the car tuning firm ART, naming it the unique AS55K Yaas Edition, and custom built for the Abu Dhabi royal family. The Mercedes G55 AMG has been customized from the request of the royal family, and the horsepower was increased to 611 bhp. It received several upgrades that include high performance brakes, carbon fiber body panels, and a chrome exhaust underneath. Also on the exterior is a stainless steel rear bumper and in the front are bi-xenon dual headlights. Inside the ART AS55K Yaas Edition Mercedes G55 AMG is a carbon fiber trim kit and and interesting aftermarket steering wheel. ART did not release how much they charged the Abu Dhabi royal family, however it doesn’t look cheap.



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