Tanabe Racing Nissan GT-R



Recent photos and a video of the Tanabe Racing Nissan GT-R performance exhaust package have been released, and it’s expected to be available August 2009 for $1,980. Tanabe Racing Development has created this Medallion Touring exhaust for the Nissan GT-R keeping price and performance in mind, to manufacture a quality product. In the niche of name brand Japanese aftermarket parts, this exhaust fits right in, with a 80mm diameter main section that feeds in to 70mm muffled rear sections. The completed exhaust from Tanabe features quad tip outlets, and delivers a superior sound for the all new Nissan GT-R.



[Source: gtrblog]

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One Response to “Tanabe Racing Nissan GT-R”

  1. Carz says:

    GT-R looks really good. This is definitely a winner.

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