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Russian car tuning firm Status Design released their version of the Porsche Cayenne, as a response to vehicles like the Mansory Chopster. The company based out of Moscow, Russia created a body kit that is truly original for this Porsche Cayenne. Parts included are a new front bumper, new hood, front fenders, side skirts, and a new rear spoiler. This kit is made exclusively by Status Design and will be manufactured using high quality carbon fiber and plastic pieces. The official release date has not yet been determined, however it should be sometime this autumn.

Personally, I think it looks pretty good because the front end definitely has a mean look, but more pictures will be needed to form any opinions.


[Source: 4wheelsnews]

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4 Responses to “Status Design Porsche Cayenne”

  1. Carz says:

    Definitely a bad idea! It’s ugly. The original Porsche Cayenne is a great car and already has a good design.

  2. I think this is a bad idea. Why do the Russians always have to build something that is terribly obnoxious every single time. Have you seen their tuning skills?

  3. jimmy ssenkungu says:

    I want to buy a porshe cayenne model 2009 can status design,re-design it for me ?and how much will that cost me in dollars ? I’m in london .status design is so beautiful. JIMMY SSENKUNGU

  4. Tuning Pro says:

    Here is the tuning companies official website:

    Try contacting them for a specific price and more details. Thanks!

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