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The Range Rover Sport by Revere London is the latest work from the luxury UK car tuning company. Choosing vehicles similar to the tuning firm Project Kahn, Revere London specializes in both exterior and performance modifications for exotic and luxury models. For this Range Rover Sport, they went with a stylish new body kit that has an aggressive look, and makes it a distinguished SUV. The new front bumper makes it appear to be lowered, along with a new front grille, and color coordinated side vents. In the rear, a custom bumper is available with exhaust ports exclusive designed by Revere London. Some extra modifications the buyer can choose are color matching door handles with the Range Rover emblem either painted to match, or completely removed.

For performance upgrades there is a variety to choose from, including ECU reprogramming, exhaust kits, brake upgrade kits, and suspension parts. This particular model received the ECU tuning for the 4.2 liter supercharged v8 engine that boasts 410 hp. Large 22 inch wheels are an option, as well as a Brembo brake kit, and suspension components to give this Range Rover Sport superior handling. Finally, inside you will find high quality leather upholstery, Alcantara lined steering wheel, and minor audio and visual upgrades.



[Source: motorauthority]

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4 Responses to “Revere London Range Rover Sport”

  1. I don’t like this package, the original grill of a RR is better left alone. And why do these guys remove the badge? How different does it make the car extracting its originality?

  2. Carz says:

    It looks really great. For me, this is a complete package. If I would be buying this car, I will not modify anything on it, it’s just perfect!

  3. Riahard Hardy says:

    I belive this is very classic styling. Not over done just right.

  4. charles howbery says:

    This is a classic Range Rover tuner. It does not like it has had too many bits bolted and stuck on like kahn hamann. I prefer their HSR bodykit to the other kits avaiable.

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