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2009 Audi Q5 CARACTERE


The car tuning company Caractere have revealed their latest car styling kit for the Audi Q5, and it is a complete body kit. The new kit strengthens the already strong framework of the Audi Q5, and is made of several pieces. It comes complete with a new front bumper, rear spoiler, roof spoiler, and a rear hatch blend. For the rear spoiler exhaust openings can be integrated for the tips, and for the wheels arch extensions are possible as well. All these parts are made from PURim and improve the performance of the Audi Q5. Caractere designed the body kit not only for looks, but to provide performance enhancements all around and make this a complete vehicle.

The front bumper is custom designed to allow cooler air to enter the engine bay, while the rear and roof spoilers optimize the drag and down forces respectively. Caractere also added larger wheels to the Audi Q5 and the high performance tires allow the SUV to corner, handle, and grip the road better. The Caractere Audi Q5 body kit will be available October 2009.




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2 Responses to “Caractere Audi Q5”

  1. I think the front-end looks ugly. The Q5’s grill combined with the bumper has got this niceness to it which no one should fiddle with. It is fragile and Caractere has spoiled it.

  2. Carz says:

    yeah, front is not that good looking but maybe performance can make up for it. Audi Q5 is still impressive and cool, and can still compete with other brands.

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