Nismo Nissan GT-R



Nissan has launched their Nismo brand upgrade for the brand new Nissan GT-R which will boost the power numbers significantly. The upgrade will tune the engine and add transmission management software, but the only way to get the package is by renting it. The ECU upgrade and TCM start out at a two year price of 294,000 yen ($3,090 USD) and if you wish to continue to have it installed after the two years, there is a $330 yearly rent fee. What’s convenient about this modification is that it is a standalone program which can be installed easily on any GT-R model and also the SpecV.

What the package provides to the Nissan GT-R is better low end torque, increased boost pressure, and better low-end boost response. It also allows for faster downshifting and the electronic speed limiter is raised to 199 mph. This new upgrade along with several other aftermarket options from Nismo Nissan can help in building the ultimate Nissan GT-R.



[Source: 4wheelsnews]

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2 Responses to “Nismo Nissan GT-R”

  1. If building an ultimate GT-R was in your list of things to before you die, then the Nismo kit makes it to your shopping list.

  2. Greg says:

    haha sounds like you had some bad luck…I loved my Nissan 240sx’s…they were some of the most fun cars I’ve owned yet.

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