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The all new Toyota Prius will be launching in 2010 and the Japanese automakers designed several car tuning kits exclusively from Modellista. There are several performance and styling modifications available so they made it easy by designing three separate kits. All three packages are unique and named Modellista Versions 1, 2, and the Aero Tourer kit. The Aero Tourer kit looks to have the same stock front bumper, however improvements in the grille for better aerodynamics was the focus.

Improving the handling was done as well, by adding¬† 16 inch alloy wheels, and installing a new set of lowering springs that drop the vehicle 20 mm. At first, it is doubtful that these kits will be available outside of Japan, but after some time you will probably be able to find a retailer and then there’s always eBay.




[Source: leblogauto]

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  1. you know what, this actually enhances the looks of the prius. I think this is a terrific package greg. I think the blue stuff on the grill needs to be rethought but the rest is amazing. I don’t know if there was a kit for the Prius before, but this is a best way to start.

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