Hartge BMW Z4



Hartge, a very popular German car tuning company has added a wheel package to the all new 2009 BMW Z4, competing with wheels from Hamann and AC Schnitzer. Along with the wheel and tire combo, Hartge plans to complete a full body kit for the Z roadster. Included in the kit is a stainless steel exhaust tip, aftermarket speedometer, and aluminum foot rest, pedals, and steering wheel. The aftermarket speedometer shows a top speed of 300 km/h or 200 mph, however some engine tuning would be required to accomplish those speeds.

The wheels you see on this car are available in either 18 or 19 inch, and can be purchased directly from Hartge. These parts are not cheap since they are from Hartge and made exclusively for the BMW Z4, but you can ensure your BMW will have a unique look once assembled.



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One Response to “Hartge BMW Z4”

  1. The Z4 is coming to India this year and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I think there isn’t a market in India for convertibles, but there will be those few like who would wish for a sunny day and empty road with this kind of a car. Yes, the kit will make the car look different. It’s a perfect kit. Doesn’t take away the originality or beauty of this car

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