AVUS Performance Audi A5



AVUS Performance have released their refined flat black Audi A5, naming it the A5 Coupe Matte Black. They wanted to keep it simple because of all the controversy with their last project, the Audi RS6 named White Power. The German car tuning house aimed at giving this Audi the complete package which includes performance mods, improved handling, and a customized exterior. Starting with the engine, it comes with Audi’s 3.0 liter V6 TDI diesel which has an upgraded ECU, boosting the horsepower to 275 from the stock 235hp, while the torque was also increased from 370lb-ft to 442lb-ft.

A brand new set of adjustable KW coilovers were installed to improve the handling and make the wheels fit flush with the fender. Limited edition 21-inch wheels from Jofiel were fitted measuring 9.5×21 in the front and 11×21 in the rear. To match the wheels, the Audi A5 was wrapped in matte black foil while minor parts such as the front grille, rear diffuser, and mirror covers were painted to match the body. AVUS was definitely able to achieve the stealth look with this model, and they even threw on a set of S5 LED tail lights to make it extra unique.




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