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MTM known as Motoren Technik Mayer has started a program that guarantees customers a unique car tuning package, and they did just that for this bright green Audi R8. Their new program offers customizations that are made exclusively for the customer’s car, and will never be duplicated to ensure a one of a kind car. For this Audi R8, MTM chose to go with the famous GT3 Porsche green color, the exact name of the color is Porsche 2D8, and it will definitely catch everyone’s eye driving down the road.  But they didn’t stop with only paint, they increased the power to 560hp and installed a new aerodynamic body kit made entirely of carbon fiber.

What made MTM famous is their special compressor technology that can give huge performance gains, and for this Audi they were able to increase the horsepower from 420 to 560. This sharp Audi R8 is fitted with ultra light MTM Bimoto alloy wheels, available in two sizes, 9×20 or 11×20 and painted a glossy black. On all four black brake calipers and on the black fuel cap, there is a green “R8” nameplate. The aerodynamic body kit is made up entirely of carbon fiber that includes a front splitter, painted green on top and matte black underneath, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. With the Audi R8 makeover, the world-wide renowned automobile manufacturer confirms that there are no limits to individual cars from MTM. This leads to exclusive automobiles in the highest production quality, uniquely designed for the customer.




[Source: MTM]

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4 Responses to “MTM Audi R8”

  1. Carz says:

    Awesome! This green Audi R8 is so cool! It will definitely catch my eye…and just the idea of having a car like this, unique and specially designed for me is absolutely overwhelming and exciting! :)

  2. Fast Sports Cars says:

    Hey…Really cool car..will love to drive it…

  3. Ryan T. says:

    Is that seafoam green? What color would that be called? Its pretty

  4. Fancy Tuning says:

    Not really sure what color that is but looks along the lines of seafoam green. You could contact MTM if you really want to find out:

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