B&B Volkswagen Eos Sport



German tuning company B&B specialize in VW and Audi and they recently released turbo packages for the sporty cabriolet Volkswagen Eos. The packages feature huge horsepower gains for this car and are available in four different power levels (360, 400, 450, and 500hp!) To reach the 500hp mark several modifications need to be done that include; larger intercooled turbocharger, new cylinder head with trimmed compression, high power injectors, and a more precise fuel pump. Minor modifications include higher quality gaskets all around, and a special slim line oilcooler to keep temperatures stable. With all these mods at the 500hp level, the B&B Volkswagen Eos was able to run a 4.2 second 0-100 km/h.

With all this power being added, B&B needed to upgrade the braking and suspension system. They include a six or eight bulb high end braking system that give the driver great braking confidence, and an upgraded threaded chassis that is adjustable in height and traction which gives this Volkswagen a secure feeling. The German company offers wheel packages in 18″ and 19″ as well as aerodynamic parts to compliment the Eos. They recently announced they will begin working on BMW and Mercedes so stay tuned for future updates from B&B.


[Source: B&B]

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