The last generation Audi TTS sports some subtle appearance tweaks that distinguish it from other TT models. It has a powerful 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder engine under the hood that generates 272 HP but the guys from MTM thought this was not enough and they prepared a full tuning package for this fast coupe. They installed a new body kit with a lot of carbon fiber elements and 9-spoke bimoto alloy rims to give a unique and sporty appearance to their TTS. Engineers from MTM modified the car’s engine and now the 2.0 TFSI quattro engine can deliver 380 HP at 6,420 rpm and a maximum torque of 494 Nm at 4,580 rpm. With a high performance exhaust, a new suspension system which lowers the car and a 6-speed S-tronic direct shift gearbox the car could reach a top speed of 265 km/h but MTM announced that it could go even faster depending on the tire size.

The MTM Audi TTS has a permanent all wheel drive system with high performance brakes from Brembo and 20″ wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires sized 245/30. The base price of the new Audi TTS is 46,000 euros and its modified version by MTM will cost 73,715 euros. The new engine kit that includes a new exhaust manifold,  upgraded turbocharger and air inlets cost 17,000 euros, the Brembo braking system will cost 5,500 and all other upgrades will take the customer’s bill to a pretty high price.


[Sourc: MTM]

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  1. Nick says:

    great blog guys! I’ve got you on google reader and really enjoy the content.. keep up the cool news.

  2. Jackie,R says:

    Dear sir…MTM high pipe good or Milltek high pipe good for(2009 TTS)i want loudly..!

  3. Rahim says:


    Sorry where a can get this body kit ?

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