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B&B started to modify Volkswagen and Audi cars about 25 years ago and their skills and modified cars got better and better in time. Their latest tuning project is based on the new Volkswagen Scirocco, one of the most popular European cars at the moment. B&B made a special engine kit which will increase this car’s performances in 6 stages: the first stage begins with a couple of modifications at the engine electronics which boost the power to 235 HP and 340 Nm for just 998 Euro. Next stages will take the engine to 250, 265, 286, 300 and in the final EVO R stage this Scirocco will have 350 HP and 450 Nm under the hood. This is achieved by changing the car’s original engine with a special engine equipped with a bigger turbo loader, optimized crank shaft and forged pistons with modified cylinder heads.

The car tuning company installed a special sport exhaust system with new pipes and high performance catalysts which will reduce exhaust back pressure and will also improve the car’s performances. Technicians from B&B reprogrammed the engine’s characteristics and they also installed a slim line oil cooler. The result is pretty great: this tiny car could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds, it’s 0 to 200 km/h time is 16.5 seconds and it’s top speed is 274 km/h.

B&B also prepared engine modifications for other engine versions: the 2.0 TDI with 143 HP and 320 Nm could be upgraded to 180 HP and 390 Nm in the first stage and 210 HP and 410 Nm in the second stage. The smallest engine version, the 1.4 TSI could be upgraded to 240 HP and 360 Nm in 3 stages.

But the guys from the Siegen-based company haven’t stopped at engine modifications and they also lowered the car by 35mm with new sport springs and customers could choose from various wheel sets in 18″,19″ or 20″. The car’s body kit was slightly adjusted by installing new aerodynamic parts that won’t change the car’s original look too much.


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  1. Noresize » Blog Archive » B&B Tuning Volkswagen Scirocco EVO R Gets Serious With 350HP [Custom Cars] says:

    […] B&B has gone through the Scirocco lineup and comprehensively tweaked each and every one for different buyers. No engine goes untouched, with the installation of updated cranks, forged pistons, modified heads, new exhaust systems, ECU programming, new turbos, and oil coolers, the different engines provide horsepower at 235 HP, 250, 265, 286, 300 and 350 with the top line EVO R. Along with a lower, more aggressive suspension compliments the engines and the body gets some love too with a revised front end, rear lower fascia, side sills and some pretty nice looking wheels, not to mention a roof spoiler. For a tuner piece, this car actually looks damn good. [Fancy Tuning] […]

  2. fisher says:

    Looking at http://www.scirocconet.co.uk there is a lot of body kits now available but this has to be the best. Those wheels really make the car. As for the power you know as soon as you go with the lower ones you’ll be back for the upgrades as soon as.

  3. obaid says:

    I want to order B&B tuning kit .. Please avdice me from where I can order it ..
    Many thanks

  4. Tuning Pro says:

    Hey, they are a German tuning company and this is their company website: http://www.bb-automobiltechnik.de/

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