Sideswipe Corvette



Even though this Corvette looks extreme we’re sorry to inform you that this car is not for sale. General Motors revealed today a few characters from the Transformers movie, including the Sideswipe Corvette at the Chicago Auto Show. Sideswipe Corvette is based on a Corvette Stingray vision concept car that was redesigned to make it look more futuristic. The car’s body kit was inspired by the Stingray race car that was introduced in 1959 combined with a lot of styling elements from other Corvette generations. Ed Welburn, the vicepresident of General Motors Global Design said that Sideswipe represents an exercise in exploration for the Corvette and the creation team had the freedom to design anything they imaged.

The whole project helped the guys from GM Design to push boundries and look at projects from different perspectives.


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One Response to “Sideswipe Corvette”

  1. Charlie says:

    Why is GM so scared to be bold with its designs. They add one little tweek and something is so new. And if its unique they add some crazy price tag. Corvettes seem to go up 10k for every change I’ll keep my 98 till the wheels fall off. But Sideswipe is a good start for the next idea.

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