Branew Nissan GT-R Black Edition



Branew loves to modify Nissans and their white GT-R was turning heads at every car show where the company took it. The white GT-R by Branew received positive feedback everywhere and now the tuning company decided to launch a second demo car painted in black. The car is one of the best examples of GT-R tuning and it’s equipped with the latest Branew body styling parts. The front side of the car received a new front lip spoiler which adds a stylish touch to the front end. The tuner also installed wide side skirts which work really well against the 22″ Matte Finish wheels. Nissan tuning magazine has other modified GT-Rs but the newest demo car from Branew is more aggressive and sportier than any other tuning kits for this car.

The rear side of Branew’s black GT-R has a underspoiler center exhaust system with the Branew stainless exhaust and those 22″ wheels look much better than the 23″ versions that other car tuners use.


[Source: GTRblog]

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3 Responses to “Branew Nissan GT-R Black Edition”

  1. Rick says:

    Bad Ass Car

  2. Anonymous1 says:

    Nissan SUCKS
    Their (filthy) company are useless & stupid
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    All their vehicles are all shit, rubbish, garbage & all dump
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    Nissan SUCKS

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