Prior Design Mini Cooper S

Prior Design Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S is a sportier version of the old Mini Cooper with a new engine and a stiffer suspension. The car can’t reach incredible speeds but for it can accelerate really fast and it’s great handling makes it one of the most easy and fun to drive cars. People used to say that Mini Cooper “handles like a go-cart” and we think it’s easier to park than a motorcycle. The guys from Prior Design made a special styling kit for this tiny car which makes it look more aggressive. The new body kit is made from new front and rear spoilers, wide side skirts and the car also received new rims equipped with wide tires and a lovely body paint.

Mini Cooper S Pictures

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5 Responses to “Prior Design Mini Cooper S”

  1. Andy says:

    Does any one know what wheels they have used on this car. cheers

  2. Greg says:

    Hey, contact Prior Design at and send them the article link. They should be able to help you out finding those.

  3. Andy says:

    Thanks Greg will send them a email.

  4. stacy byrd says:

    I love the look of this mini charcoal gray and the wheels look amazing. Do you know the name of the wheels and size and offset? I would appreciate any info thank you

  5. Fancy Tuning says:

    Hi, we are not sure of the name or size, but if you contact Prior Design at their official website, send them the link to this article and I’m sure they can help you out.

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