Lumma BMW M6


German cars are luxurious and stylish but most of them lack that aggressive look that only Italian supercars have. This BMW M6 received a new design from Lumma and if it wouldn’t have that BMW grille this ride would look like an italian supercar. The guys from Lumma tried to keep up with the desires of many m6 drivers and they changed the car’s bodywork a lot. The new body kit has new spoilers, blinds, bonner, tailgate and most people won’t realize this car is a BMW if they don’t see it’s front side. The car is wider than the stock version and it was also lowered to have more stability and an aggressive and attractive look. Lumma Design BMW M6 could also receive interior modifications to satisfy any customer.

All the parts they changed are made from super light carbon fiber and this reduces the car’s weight a lot, improves it’s aerodynamics and the car will also handle better at high speeds. Customers could also request to modify the rev limiter and after the speed limit is lifted this ride could reach incredible speeds.

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