Lexmaul Opel GT


Cars are like babies for most of us and we love to check out every single detail of our ride. I guess many of us would like to modify their own cars and Lexmaul made a special kit that would make Opel GT owners really happy. They created a do-it-yourself tuning kit with a PPC box that could upgrade the engine’s power with a simple push of a button. A stock Opel GT version delivers 264 HP and 353 Nm of torque but after installing the Lexmaul Opel GT kit this ride has a great power boost and it delivers 312 HP and a maximum torque of 440 Nm. The tuning package also has a lowering kit that reduces the car’s height by 30 mm and offers improved dynamics, more stablity and better handling.

The Lexmaul Opel GT has 20″ Schmidt Revolution CC-Line wheels on the front and 21″ wheels on the rear with wide tires. They haven’t announced the price of this tuning package but it’s surely worth every penny.

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