Hennessey Godzilla 700 Nissan GT R


Hennessey Performance is a company well known for adding crazy amounts of horsepower in a true American muscle car. Now, the Houston-based tuner started to modify the new king of Japan – Nissan GT-R, a car also known as Godzilla. The Hennessey Godzilla 700 Nissan GT-R tuning package comes in two stages: with 600 HP and with 700 HP. The 600 HP includes polished aluminum intercooler pipes, an upgrade for the car’s air intake, stainless steel turbo pipes, an electric boost controller and a new exhaust. It costs $14,000 and it also comes with an wastergate upgrade and a blow-off valve.

The second stage of their tuning package gives a huge power boost and this Nissan could deliver 700 HP at 5,200 rpm. The price for this upgrade is $24,000 and includes sport turbos, an upgraded intercooler and all improvements from the first stage.

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