DStyle BMW Z4


Even though BMW released a new Z4 version, the car tuning companies are still interested in the previous versions of this ride. The guys from DStyle made a special styling kit for BMW Z4 led by Dominik Schwager, who has been active in motor sports for the last 20 years and came with great ideas for the car’s aerodynamics package. The DStyle BMW Z4 tuning kit is available for both the coupe version and the roadster version of BMW Z4. It includes new hood, doors and tailgate and it offers more space near the wheels for larger tire combination’s. The car also has new side skirts, rear fenders a wider track and aerodynamic mirrors.

This tuning package is available for 8900 Euros and customers could also choose to buy all parts made from carbon fiber.

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  1. kennedy says:

    i want this kit and i need to know who to contact please email if you have any info

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