CDC Dodge Challenger


One of the latest modified Challengers comes from CDC. Classic Design Concepts is a car tuner from Michigan which decided to improve this muscle car’s look. They started from a Challenger SRT8 and they increased it’s power to 560 HP with a supercharger, they installed an adjustable suspension system from PW, a new exhaust from Pypes Performance and a great braking system from Baer. The new body kit has composite front fenders and rear flares, a stainless front grille and an aluminum hood with a cold air shaker system. This Dodge has 20″ alloy rims with modified wheel arches equipped with 10″ wide front tires and 12″ wide tires in the rear part of this ride. The car’s sequential tailights are also impressive and this car’s engine sounds awesome!

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6 Responses to “CDC Dodge Challenger”

  1. WhipDaddy says:

    DAMN!! That challenger looks mean.. I kinda like it!

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  3. Skittles (: says:

    :shock: Yeah Right ..
    Does Anyone Actually Have The Money To Afford Her ? :lol:

  4. Harkaran singh says:

    i like this car

  5. Harkaran singh says:

    this is my fav

  6. diego says:

    give me 2 days and i will

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