2009 SSC Ultimate Aero


Ultimate Aero, the car produced by Shelby SuperCars was World’s Fastest Production Car last year and in 2009 they are going to release an improved version of this ride. The 2009 Ultima Aero has a 15% increase in horsepower, a new front face design and a lot of interior upgrades. Probably the most important modification is an engine block designed by the guys from Shelby SuperCars which will improve the structural integrity and oiling capabilities allowing this car to deliver an amazing 1287 HP while improving durability. With this incredible engine the car should reach a record world speed of 434 km/h and will push the super car limits even higher.

The car’s nose was redesigned with better aerodynamics to handle better at high speeds and this Ultimate Aero also received carbon fiber louvers on the side intakes to improve cooling. This car will probably widen the big gap between the Ultimate Aero and its competitors. The new model has a special Aerobrake system which makes the rear spoilrs actuate up with 8″ when the brake pedal is pressed. This could be disabled by the push of a button when the owner will drive it slowly but it’s highly recommended to use it at high speeds.

The 2009 SSC Ultimate Aero has a redesigned dash with new dash valves from carbon fiber and inset air vents. It also has carbon fiber insertions on the doors and around the new gauges. The guys from Shelby SuperCars haven’t announced this car’s price yet.

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