Lorinser Mercedes C350


Mercedes C350 offers a sort of pleasure that you can’t expect from any other car. The V6 has a sweet sound at around 3000 rpm that’s just like a gathering of sonic fury. Even though this car is really impressive, the german tuner Lorinser thought they could give it a facelift and they prepared a special styling kit and a slight power boost for the lovely C350. The stock version has 272 HP and a torque of 350 Nm and after the engine cooling unit was modified, the guys from Lorinser added 33 HP to this car’s engine. For the car’s exterior, they installed a new front grill, new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a racing car rear wing, new muffler tips and 19″ alloy rims.

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One Response to “Lorinser Mercedes C350”

  1. Taran J says:

    i got it the c 350 but converted it to a c63 engine.

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