Oettinger Volkswagen Scirocco

Oettinger Volkswagen Scirocco
Oettinger Volkswagen Scirocco

Oettinger Volkswagen Scirocco

The new Volkswagen Scirocco is one of the best looking vehicles built by Volkswagen. The car has been on sale in Europe for just a month and Oettinger already made a special tuning kit for it. The new kit has a new front spoiler, side skirts and a rear air diffuser, a special exhaust system with 4 pipes made from stainless steel and 20″ Oettinger RXX alloy wheels. In the interior the car has sporting appeal with carbon fiber elements, stainless steel kick plates and pedals made from aluminum.

Under the hood, the guys from Oettinger modified the engine control unit and now the 2.0L turbo engine can develop 240 HP and the 1.4L TSI engine can develop 200 HP. They will create a special performance kit for the 2.0L TSI engine that will have 350 HP and 470 Nm. Other improvements include a special adjustable suspension and larger brakes.

Oettinger Volkswagen Scirocco

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6 Responses to “Oettinger Volkswagen Scirocco”

  1. G Lynn says:

    Just how exactly do you get over speed bumps in that thing?

  2. Nosfer says:

    driving backwards maybe? :grin:

  3. auto says:

    Now THAT is a fine looking VW. My dream is still to own a classic VM bus :cool:

  4. Nosfer says:

    those shouldn’t be too expensive :shock:

  5. HoneyFord says:

    We are not the biggest fan of Lambo doors(unless it is a Lamborghini), but this Volkswagen Scirocco by Rieger Tuning is one of the hottest aftermarket Scirocco’s we have seen.

  6. Uncle B says:

    Reality speaks louder than words here . . . OPEC by consistently raising oil prices by cutting production, to cushion and save their own asses, are forcing freight back to the rails, Closing down GM and its Humburbans and Escalades, and promoting Yaris, Honda, VW and Smart cars. Given built-in planned obsolescence and the current rising oil price threat from OPEC and the Saudis, our highways will be transport truck-free and “Big vehicle” free in about four or five years! I look forward to my totally re-buildable, exchangeable parts, three wheeler, carbon fiber bodied, polymer composite re-enforced for lighter weight, bio-turbo H2 boosted diesel/electric plug-in super commuter car. I expect to cruise at 140 kph (80 mph) and get 100+ mpg for a mortgage busting, life-style enhancing, boost to my budget – no Hummburbans in sight, no transport trucks left on the roads, and all big cars reduced to chipped, hardened paint, rusting piles of over-cured sun eaten rubber and glass! I will no longer be enslaved and over-taxed by big oil, or big steel – Make way for an Eco-happy 21st century!

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