Renntech SLR McLaren 722 PKG2

Renntech SLR McLaren 722 PKG2

When Mercedes decided that it’s time to boost the engine power for this lovely SLR supercar they created the limited edition SLR722. A lot of people thought that 722 comes from the power developed by the 5.5L V8 engine of this car while others thought that there will be built only 722 cars like this one. But they were all wrong. In fact the car’s name comes from the Mille Miglia from 1955 where Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson won with a Mercedes-Benz 300SLR in front of race favorties like Ferrari and Porsche. The car had the racing number 722 which was the exact hour of race start 7:22 am.

Last year, the car tuning company Renntech ended this confusion and boosted this car’s power from the initial 650 HP to 722 HP. The PKG1 kit included new intercoolers and modified engine cooling unit that will add this slight boost of power. The tuner from Florida has now created the PKG2 kit that will increase even more this car’s power. Now this SLR will develop 740 HP at 6.400 rpm. The car also received slight design modifications and a set of Signature rims with 10 spikes. The first tuning kit, PKG1 costs $12,990 while the second one, PKG2 costs $26,990.

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