ASI TETSU Bentley Continental GT

ASI TETSU Bentley Continental GT

ASI TETSU Bentley Continental GT

I’ve seen a lot of japanese tuning companies that have done really well. One of them is Premier 4509 and recently i’ve discovered ASI Tetsu. Only few companies try to modify very expensive cars and few companies succeed in their job and manage to do something that is really impressive. ASI comes from Accuracy, Spririt and Imagination we could see that these words really represent this company. They’ve had a lot of imagination when they started to modify a lovely Bentley Continental GT, they put spirit in their work and with great accuracy they managed to modify this Bentley into a lovely sport/muscle car. The exterior tuning kit is very aerodynamic and makes the car look really agressive. This Bentley is wider now and it has gained a lot in stability and handling will be a lot better at high speeds or in tight corners. But ASI hasn’t stopped at exterior modifications and they made this car really powerful by installing an engine tuning kit that makes the engine develop 800 HP now. There will be built only 29 cars like this one and the sales will start in April 31. Even though the car might be really expensive, it’s really impressive and i’m sure it’s worth it’s price.

ASI TETSU Bentley Continental GTASI TETSU Bentley Continental GTASI TETSU Bentley Continental GT

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2 Responses to “ASI TETSU Bentley Continental GT”

  1. Watch Weeds Free Online says:

    This looks amazing, but I still prefer the Bugatti Veyron. :)

  2. jayextoo says:

    just ordered mine today, and i cant wait. #7

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