Popular Civic Type-R Modifications

honda civic type r

honda civic type r

The Honda Civic Type R (especially the models of the first generation) are favored among those who are interested in modifying their vehicle. From basic performance kits to complete body kits, the Honda Civic Type-R can accept just about any type of automotive modification.
The most popular modifications to the Honda Type R are body modifications. From the popular Carbon Fiber hood to the chrome rims, modifying the outside of the car is the best way on how a Civic owner can show off his or her pride. Another popular modification is the addition of a rear spoiler wing.
As far as interior modifications go, perhaps the most popular is to upgrade the sound system. Another popular interior modification is to replace the default racing seats with more stylish and comfortable alternatives.

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  1. mobitronia says:

    yes, i agree. i love doing some modifications with my own car, somehow it’s much more economical and practical to do.. repair is a different story. what we need is to do a lot of maintenance.

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