Top secret Toyota Supra V12

Top secret Toyota Supra V12

Top secret Toyota Supra V12

You can modify your car to make it look better, to make it handle better or you could turn it into a superb racing car that could impress everyone with it’s performances. This is what the guys from Top Secret have planned to do with this Toyota. Toyota Supra is a great car for tuning because you’ve got numerous options and possibilities to modify it. These guys installed a new body kit that lowers the car to the ground and has a really aerodynamic shape that will improve the car’s performances a bit. But if you’ll open the hood you’ll see what’s the real modification they’ve made at this car. The car has a 6L V12 twin turbo engine that could develop more than 1000 HP and the guys from Top Secret say that it can reach a maximum speed of over 400 km/h. You can imagine how insane is it’s speed. The model will be tested soon at the circuit from Nardo, Italy and then we’ll see how fast this car can be. But until then, i’ll let you enjoy a couple of pictures with this Toyota Supra.

Top secret Toyota Supra V12Top secret Toyota Supra V12Top secret Toyota Supra V12

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4 Responses to “Top secret Toyota Supra V12”

  1. sb says:

    Although fast, 400km/h is not more than the speed of sound.

  2. Crumblingmyawesomeness says:

    goddamm you SOUND!

  3. 1999 Supra says:

    Without all the stickers and crap that would be a sweet sleeper car. Just when someone thinks they’re up against a ricer with a few simple mods, the light turns green and they realize they were sitting next to a V12 monster.

  4. Samuel DeBuono says:

    If I see a Top secret car, I know it isn’t messing around…

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