Subaru Impreza STi

Subaru Impreza STi

Subaru Impreza STi

This Subaru Impreza STi was revealed at Tokyo Auto Show. Subaru Impreza is always a good car for tuning and the guys from ChargeSpeed made a great project from this STi. They’ve created a new impressive body kit with a lot of elements made from carbon and glass fiber. New front bumper, rear bumper, spoiler, side skirts, new hood, and a great design for the roof. The new body kit makes this STi more agressive and it surely improves a lot the car’s aerodynamics.  Also, they’ve installed new rims for this car, and the old Subaru Impreza STi looks now like an awesome race car. We don’t have any details if they’ve made any modifications at the interior or any performance modifications but this car surely looks great from the outside.

Subaru Impreza STiSubaru Impreza STiSubaru Impreza STiSubaru Impreza STiSubaru Impreza STiSubaru Impreza STi

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5 Responses to “Subaru Impreza STi”

  1. vicki says:

    Bet Thats A Nice Ride :twisted: She Is Beautiful, WRX vrs EVO …
    Roo Would Win In A HeartBeat !

  2. Carz says:

    Absolutely beautiful! looks really great…this is one of my favorite cars and it’s not that many hahaha Impreza is really impressive!

  3. KyHo951 says:

    looks like a sexy scion if they made their cars nicer lol

  4. Greg says:

    lol I don’t think Scion will ever be able to touch the level that Subaru is on, especially a STi

  5. sean says:

    It’s really look very attractive and this is my favourite…………

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